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" Stay gold,
And remember: HE already gave each and every one of us the BEST present we could ever NOT ask for; all for FREE!;
HIS presence! "



The anticipated novel by Joshua Crawford,
SIGNATURE  PLACE  part 1: the saga of the "ThrillerBaby Generation" ...
has now FINALLY been officially turned over to to go to PRESS, and is now awaiting the natural process of gaining its own "display-page" on Amazon so that ORDERS for the book can be placed. This process is expected to last anywhere from 1 to 60 days. Please check back here on this website daily. As soon as a street-date for this display page is announced,
you'll hear about it HERE first!

In  light  of  the  many  who  are  currently  wondering  what  Mr.  Crawford's  thoughts  are  on  the  death  of  the  beloved  pop  icon,  Michael  Jackson,  whom  Crawford  named  his  entire  "ThrillerBaby"  generation  after  a  mere  15  years  before  Jackson  ever  died,  Mr.  Crawford  has  forgone  addressing  the  public  on  such  matters,  but  will  do  so  in  a  massive  123-page  introduction  for  PART  ONE   of  Crawford's  " SIGNATURE  PLACE "  3-part  epic-novel,  which  was  initially  set  to  go  to  Jackson  himself  on  the  very  day  that  he  shockingly  DIED;  June  25th,  2009.
Naturally,  his  death  delayed  the  release  of  the  book  for  8 long  years ...

 Crawford  has  had  to  spend  much time "rewriting"  the  entire  introduction  of  his  novel,  to  take  into  affect  the  morbid  and  sad  circumstances  surrounding  the  gloved-one's  untimely  death.

SIGNATURE  PLACE  will  soon  make  its  worldwide  premiere  on,  in 2017 !
Keep  checking  for  updates!  And follow Crawford's official "ThrillerBaby News" page on Facebook for up-to-date news about the novel's highly anticipated release HERE:
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Amazon's  criteria  guidelines  for  a  book  of  this  magnitude,  require  a  waiting-process  in  order  to  generate  the  book's  "display  page"  for  purchase. 
We  realize  how  important  it  is  to  each  and  every  one  of  you  who  are  aiming  to  understand  how  Jackson's  1982  mega-selling  album, Thriller,  spawned  an  entire  generation  to  which  Crawford's  book  coined.
Our  thoughts  and  prayers  go  out  to  the  millions  of  ThrillerBabies  around  the  world ... and  throughout  the  universe.
 Please  bare  with  us,  and  check  back  here  often  for  the  latest  updates  on  "Signature  Place - the  complete  1,000-page  3-part  saga  of  the  ThrillerBaby  generation   which  Crawford  first  started  authoring  at  the  age  of  19  in  1994.
(And  yes,  for  those  wondering,  Mr.  Crawford  was  invited  to  the  funeral.)


"Let us not forget what this brilliant musician ... did for our planet; uniting us all during his life of 50 years, then once more, upon his graduation into the heavens. But most importantly, he fathered an entire generation; ThrillerBabies (those born 1965-1980).
In Heaven, he's 'timeless' ... and not near as 'sleepless.' And I imagine he's uniting far more than just a mere planet; more like an entire universe of universes.

Signature Place, the book that coined the word 'ThrillerBaby' ... and one that was on his way to him the very day he passed ... (some believe he read it, others believe he never got to)
is almost ready to LAUNCH onto AMAZON!
1,000 pages ... in the form of a 3-part novel about the generation in which Jackson fathered ... is heading your way shortly.
Thanks to all the many Crawford fans and Jackson fans who have been anticipating this novel of mine for over 5 long years, and for understanding the nature in which its release ... had to be placed on pause for a while.
Until now.
Once you've read it, you won't regret it!
Your extreme patience with allowing me to finally deliver this novel to the public, as I had intended to do over 5 years ago (with Mr. Thriller himself to be the first to get the very first copy, fresh off the press ... until he tragically died the very day the novel was due to arrive to him) is greatly appreciated.
I wrote it for ALL of you. All ages, races, colors, and creeds.
And I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a little help from the heavens themselves.
Afterall, they're the ones who gave it to me.
And thank YOU 'MJ' ... for trying your best ... to '
heal our world,
to make it a better place
Sincerely, and on behalf of the generation I named after you,"
-  J
(aka "Mr. ThrillerBaby")



ThrillerBabies, Michael Jackson fans, latchkey-kids, & single parents worldwide, rejoice! Joshua Crawford's EPIC FOR THE KID IN EVERY ADULT, & THE ADULT IN EVERY KID is HERE; SIGNATURE PLACE! From the big-hearted & gifted green-eyed singer-songwriter with the most passed around demo on the planet (PLAY ME - on iTunes), comes his much talked-about 3-part 1,000 page character-study on early gentrification & the 1st majorital generation of LatchKey kids; offspring of the BabyBoomers; the ThrillerBaby generation - babies of the 1980s, born 1965-1980! One of the most revolutionary literary works of our time, before Harry Potter or Twilight, was the book about neighborhood kids growing up in a DIFFERENT kind of darkness, all-too-real; DIVORCE, DOUBLE INCOME, & the DEATH of a PARENT! Written in poverty by the piano-playing 19 yr. old over 8 years when he didn't even own a car, all while his PLAY ME demo was bouncing around record-labels, deeming him the most rejected artist of his generation (which he is now considered the father of, as Signature Place coined the name THRILLERBABY GENERATION), "that underground book with the most PIRATED SOUNDTRACK of ALL TIME" proudly marks its 10th Anniversary! And to celebrate, Crawford pulls out all the punches for PART 1 of the 3-part saga, including: a 123-page preface/introduction written by the author, a complete table of contents, never-seen illustrations, & a 133-page Signature Place BIBLE reference-guide to all the '80s songs & pop culture featured in the book. Slip on your VANS, grab your Rubik's Cube, & read about how 1 little boy from Gary, Indiana, not only changed the face of music & opened the door for America's 1st African-American President, but caused a gradual multi-ethnic race-integration throughout the world; beginning in a Confederate city that spawned 2 U.S. Presidents; Midland, Texas. GET READY for a place where once the blinds are drawn, the REAL blinds are lifted! SIGNATURE PLACE!

Born December 5th, 1974 in Roswell, New Mexico, often deeming him 1 OF ROSWELL'S MOST INTERESTING ALIENS, Joshua Markl Crawford initially aimed to direct films under Steven Spielberg ever since age 7 upon seeing E.T. The by-ear piano-player & middle-kid assumed he'd never be a musician, due to failing piano-lessons 3 times by age 10, unable to READ music. In 1984, after his parents divorced, the 9 yr. old with the unusual mint green eyes, moved to a condominium-complex in Midland, Texas with his father, where he noticed EVERY kid on the block, also came from a divorce. This would lend way for an entire 1,000 page epic 10 yrs. later, when at age 19, Crawford started his 2nd novel (he began his 1st, "TRUE", at 15). In 1989, however, at 14, a virus attacked his heart, enlarging it 5x its size, causing Cardiomyopathy & almost killed him! But after he lost grasp of a tiny metal cross in his hand that ended up reappearing in 1 of his chest x-rays (when accordingly, it should've burned through him like acid!), his heart miraculously began to shrink, despite doctors sending him home to die because he had refused a transplant. Invited into Spielberg's private office for his 18th birthday (with Spielberg allegedly being out of town), this marked a creative change in young Crawford, who then wrote his very 1st song, SING ALONG, followed by CRYIN' PARTY, & PLAY ME; now known as THE PLAY ME RECORDINGS; the most passed around DEMO of all time in which he attempted to land a record-deal with. Every label rejected him, & Spielberg's office, who had just started a label of their own (DreamWorks - now defunct), took notice. Soon, a SIGNING was planned, but when the deal fell apart, the raspy-voiced torch-song crooner fell into a severe depression, & to pull out of it, decided to write a 2nd book, as a means to prevent his latchkey ThrillerBaby generation (& other generations!) from being named after letters & numbers; a common 1990s trend. This novel, would turn out to be "SIGNATURE PLACE"; a book that predated Michael Jackson's sublime influence on race-integration 14 years before the election of Barack Obama, & 6 years before the man from the very Texas town the book takes place in, would become PRESIDENT (George W. Bush). Like with his music, however, SIGNATURE would gain massive rejection (accordingly over 2,000 from publishers), who felt no child or parent would ever read something so massive. To date, Crawford has penned over 500 songs; all of which remain unrecorded.

Coming Soon  To
2017 ! !